Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CVS Deals 6/29-7/5

I was definately having CVS withdrawals after not doing ANY deals last week! Since we were on vacation, I didn't have enough time to put any deals together! BUT, I do have to inform you of something I discovered while in Florida!
I have read about them on different sites and begged Alan to stopped at a CVS while we were there so I could see if they had one. And they did! You scan your card and out pops coupons! I was given some for CVS brand stuff and TWO $3/$15 coupons! These have been VERY rare lately...I had to contain myself in the store when I saw these print! I seriously was like a kid in a candy store! I HAVE to tell our store here they MUST get one of these!
I went Monday to get the Huggies Wash deal before June ended because I got a coupon in last Sundays paper. Oh, by the way...Sunday Papers in Florida had SO many more coupons than we get here! I am going to check and see if I can subscribe to another regoins paper because we don't get near the amount of coupons here in the South! Ok, on to Monday's deal:

Monday: Transaction #1

Bic Soleil Razor: $6.99
Bic Soleil Cartridge: $6.99
Huggies Baby Wash: $3.49
CVS Remover Pads: $2.99

Pre-Total: $20.46
$4.00 off Bic (from FL paper)
$2.00 off Bic printable
$1.00 off Huggies Wash (from FL paper)
$2.00 off CVS Skincare Product printable
$3/$15 Coupon
$6.00 ECBs

$2.46 OOP
$7.00 ECBs earned

So I started July 1 with $7.00 and then printed my quarterly ECBs which was $4.00! I noticed before we left (Yes, of course I had shop with my favorite CVS buddy!!!) that there was a HIDDEN money maker in the July ECB book! And boy was it a moneymaker!!! It is reported that the limit is 5. I have 1 more to buy so I will let you know when I go back tomorrow! Yes, I will be going back! My store was out of the swiffer refills and the Coppertone Sticks (which is also a moneymaker!) Hopefully I can find them tomorrow! Here's how I did tonight!

Tuesday Transaction #1

CVS 15 Ct Towelettes: $2.99
CVS 15 Ct Towelettes: $2.99 Sure Deodorant: $2.99
Sure Deodorant: $2.99
CVS Pantyliners: $.99
CVS Pantyliners: $.99
CVS Tampons: $1.49
CVS Tampons: $1.49

Pre-Total: $16.92

$3/$15 Coupon
(2) $2.00 CVS Skincare Product
(2) $1.00 Sure Deodorant printable (hit back button, print twice)
$7.00 ECBs

$.91 OOP
$12.96 ECBS earned: $1.98 (pantyliners), $2.00 (tampons), $3.00 (Sure), $5.98 (towelettes)

Transaction #2

Physicians Formula Mascara: $7.99
CVS Towelettes: $2.99

Pre-Total: $10.98

$2.00 CVS Beauty Product
$3.00 ECB
$5.98 ECB

$0 OOP
$10.98 ECBs earned: $7.99 (mascara) and $2.99 (towelettes)

Transaction #3

Maybelline Mascara: $4.99
Maybelline Mascara: $2.50 (marked b1g1 50% off!!)
CVS Towelettes: $2.99

Pre-Total: $10.48

$2.00 off CVS Skincare Product
$7.99 ECB

$.52 OOP
$6.99 ECBs earned: $4.00 (mascara) and $2.99 (towelettes)

WOW, BIG NIGHT!!! I have these ECBs left:

$4 Quarterly ECBs
$4 Maybelline
$2.99 Towelettes
$2.99 Towelettes
$2 Tampons (I will be calling 800# tomorrow, all didn't print, should have been $2.98, ($1.48 x2))
$1.98 Pantyliners

I think this is the best I have ever done!! Like I said, I will be going back tomorrow to pick up these deals:

Wednesday Transaction #1

Coppertone WaterBabies Stick $4.99
Coppertone WaterBabies Stick $4.99

Pre-Total: $9.98

$4 ECB
$4 ECB
$1.98 ECB

$0 OOP
$10 ECBs earned

Transaction #2

Swiffer Duster refill: $5.99
Swiffer Wet refill: $5.99
CVS Towelettes: $2.99

Pre-Total $13.97

$2 off CVS Skincare Product
$1 off Duster refills (go here to sign up for coupon book by mail...lots of GOOD stuff!)
$1 off Wet refills
$10 ECBs

$0 OOP
$7.99 ECBs earned: $5.00 (swiffer deal) and $2.99 (towelettes)

AND....that leaves me with $15.97 ECBs for next week!! What a wonderful week it will end up being! It's about time! Hopefully July will bring on good weekly deals! Thanks to MoneySavingMom for the advice and coupon match-ups!!