Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Projects Update-Girls' Bedroom

Just a little update on my project list! After putting it all in a list, I have more than what I thought! BUT, it's the end of May 1, and I can already mark a few off. Although, the date the bed will be in has changed to May 9! A week early! So, I have postponed the garage sale. Really because the forecast says it will rain and I want it to be successful so it's off til further notice!
So painting will be this weekend instead of next. Here are bits and pieces of what will be going in the room. I think it's gonna look awesome when it's all finished.

First, here is my inspiration room from Better Homes and Gardens:
I am changing up the colors a little bit: Green on top and yellow on the bottom
Here is the bedding I picked out. Pink sheets for the top bunk and green for the bottom bunk.
And here is a sample picture the bunk bed. This is really similiar to the one coming in except for the color is white.
Also, a sneak peak at the toy box project. Right now they are white(with lots of crayon marks!). I am going to decoupage the front and two sides with the flower paper and turn the top into a lime green padded top for seating.
And the wall the 2 toy boxes on will have the circles you see below (as seen in the inspiration picture). Although this is probably not what they used, I found these and they were very inexpensive. Pssst...they are the inner cirles from a plastic hoop for crosstitching!
I have two words for the room: BRIGHT and CHEERY!! I can't wait to get it all put together!

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