Saturday, October 13, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy Bees

With 4 children, everyday is a busy day! I work all week anticipating every weekend to relax only to be on the go all day Saturdays and Sundays. And today happened to be no different. Had to work until 2 then drive all the way to Madison to pick the kids up from my mom. Then off to get a birthday gift for Annah Brooke, my dear friend Melanie's daughter. Next stop, Libby Lu for Annah Brooke's party!! The girls, well, Morgan and Bella, just had a blast! Hannah decided not to do it this time, she is our little tom-boy and just hates anything sparkly! Then back to their house for dinner, cake and ice cream! After a day full of fun, back to the house for baths and in the bed to get plenty of rest for tomorrow! And our schedule for tomorrow?? Just as and an afternoon at the fair to watch Annah Brooke's cheer competition and some of that delicious fair food!! Ummmm...chicken on a stick.....funnel cakes.....can't wait!

Needless to say it was another busy day and I am pooped!! I almost can't wait until Mondays so I can stay in one place for 8 hours! Hahaha!!

Here is a picture of the girls right before bed! As you see, just as perky as can be!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Autism Awareness

How much do you know about Autism? I will be the first to admit that I had no idea anything about Autism 2 years ago. And to this day, I am still learning. Our good friends, Toby and Leah Price have 3 children, Addison, McKade, and Marley Kate. Addy and McKade have autism. This video is a look into their journey with autism.

Autism affects 1 in 150 children today! WOW, 1 in 150, can you believe that! This past weekend, Melanie and I volunteered to help out with a Rummage Sale at Flowood Elementary School which all proceeds went to support the ONLY school in MS that focuses on Autism. The final total was around $400, but there is still a long way to go to reach the goal of $15,000.

The next fundraiser will be Southern Belle T-Shirts. I know EVERYONE loves their Southern Belle shirts and this is a perfect reason to buy another one! I know I will be the FIRST in line to get one. BUT, they will only be sold by word of mouth. They cannot find a store that will sell them and give the Autism School all of the profits. So, if you want one, PLEASE email me!! The shirts will be teal blue with a large puzzle piece on the back which reads,"Southern Belles believe in Miracles...Autism Awareness"

Just know the support is needed!! I hope to see these shirts all over!! Their goal is to sell 500...wouldn't it be great to double that!!?? WE NEED YOUR HELP!!
Please email me!!


I know, there is no excuse!! It has been like 6 weeks since I have written a blog!! I can't believe how fast time seems to go by!!! And you don't even realize it...Until you stop and really think about it. So much has happened these past 6 weeks. Here's a glimpse into all of it...

The girls just love gymnastics...And having it 2 days a week has opened my eyes to what lies ahead when the kids start to get older and more involved in activities!

Ethan is getting bigger and smarter as the days go by! His favorite thing to do is to tell you "STOP", plain as day that's what he says! Guess he has heard me and Alan say it one too many times!

Morgan turned the BIG 5 on September 28! WOW!! How it blows my mind! She wanted to go to Libby Lu so I let her invite two friends, along with Hannah and Bella for makeover party. They had so much fun! Afterwards we had a pizza party at the house and a sleepover...YES, I said a sleepover! WHAT was I thinking!? No, really they had lots of fun and I enjoyed every minute of it! I will post more pictures when I get them downloaded to the computer, I promise!

One of Morgan's gifts for her birthday was a room makeover. Instead of toys we decided to get her a new bed and redo her furniture to match this bedding I bought awhile back and have been dying to let her use. The iron bed was my Grandmother's, I think its about 60 years old or so...but it was covered in rust and old paint. Alan and I, mainly Alan!, sanded it down and primed and painted it on off white. My grandmother also gave us a desk that we painted the off-white color as well as her old dresser, which was purple. Then the pink walls become an aqua blue....I still need to get some artwork for the walls, but for the most part, it's finished! Here is a glimpse of the transformation!

If you know me, I am no Betty Crocker AT ALL!! But, I have been trying to cook for Alan and the kids more! I didn't realize how much money we spend on eating out until I sat down and added it all up! Here are a few of my EDIBLE meals! Spinach and Shrimp Pasta (Ethan loved it!) and Lasagna (My Fav!)

Melanie and I have been searching for a sugar cookie recipe to make cut-out cookies and have not been able to find one. The kids have been wanting to help make cookies, so I bought some store dough ( I know, not the best route to go on my cooking journey, but indeed the fastest!). After dinner tonight, I let the kids roll out the dough and make Halloween cookies. We did the icing and sprinkles and they turned out too cute!

Well...that's a short version of what has been going on. What have I learned from the past 6 weeks?? Time is precious...Where has the time gone? "Your time is your life" There is no changing, I wish I would have or not have done this or that.... I received this email today about Love and Time and this really stood out.....
"The importance of things can be measured by how much time we are willing to invest in them. The more time you give to something, the more you reveal its importance and value to you. If you want to know a person's priorities, just look at how they use their time."
That has really made to start thinking...Do I put all of my time in what is important to me? I am guilty of putting too much time into work and non important things in life, when the people who love me most just want my time. My kids don't care how much money I make or what I buy them....and how do I know this? This is a conversation that took place Sunday night when we were at the grocery store...
Morgan: "Mama, will you make us pancakes for breakfast in the morning?"
Me: " I don't know if I will have time baby, I have to go to work"
Hannah: "Do you have to go to work, Mama?"
Me: Yes, Mama has to make us money so we can buy stuff"
Morgan: "But Mama, I just want you to make us pancakes and nothing else ok"
Hannah: "Yeah, just pancakes"
And I am mad at myself because I still didn't get up and make breakfast for them and they both pointed it out to me when I got home from work. So this is my challenge to myself....
Focus on what is important to me and put my time towards this....Because my top priorities will be what gets all of my time...And my top priority is and always will be my family.
If someone looked at your life, would they be able to know your top priorities by how you spend your time?