Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from The Youngs

We hope everyone's Christmas is as wonderful as ours has been!! We have definitely has a lot of firsts this year!
Off to pick up the girls from their dad's/mom's and then come back home for Christmas at our house!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ms. Emma Kate

...she is just growing so fast...She weighed 12 lbs last week! She is finally off the breathing treatments for RSV and is doing so much better! Here are a few pictures I took of her this past week!

...In her bumbo seat...She loves this thing! I was letting her watch tv with the kids and I turn around and she is sound asleep! Precious!

...Being Stylish...Have you seen these little leg warmers for babies and kids??!! know me...el cheapo...I searched and searched for a tutorial on how to make them and I found one here! So easy to make...and a lot cheaper! Here she is modeling her Christmas pair!

...eating with a spoon...She's been going through a growth spurt the last few days. She's wanted to nurse every hour so we've been supplementing with formula a little more and now added cereal. She just loved it!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

And the Winners are...

I picked the winners this morning with and here they are!
The winner of the women's scarf is.....EMBER
And the winner of the kid's scarf is...TASHA
Congrats to both of you!!! Check your email so I can get all of your info and get the scarves out this week in time for Christmas!!!
THANK YOU to everyone that entered the giveaway!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Snowing, It's Snowing

Yes, the reports of snow were true! We woke up to sleet this morning and by early morning it began to snow and actually stick! We are expected to get 2-5 inches total! WOW!!

Schools let out early of course. Alan had already left for work and I had to go get Morgan with all of the kids...So I dressed Hannah, Ethan and Emma Kate and went out to start the car and realized that there was snow ALL over the truck! I start panicking because we don't have a snow scraper...So I start running around the house looking for something, anything to use to scrape the windshield. I finally find this thin, plastic cutting board that I bought at the dollar store the other day. Hey, it worked. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

I finally get on the road after loading the kids one by one in the truck. Let it be known that I have NEVER driven in anything like this....Needless say, by the time I got to the front of our neighborhood and after sliding on the road numerous times, I was starting to really the point I called Alan and was hyperventilating and crying! Yes, the thought of having all the kids in the truck and possibly wrecking caused a full blown panic attack!! Alan finally got me calmed down and explained to me that I needed to "pump" the brakes. I make it to the school (thank goodness it's only about 5 miles away!) and g0t back to the house safely! Whewww!

I let the kids out to play for a little bit when we got home....They had a blast!

Yes, you will notice they need hats....It normally doesn't snow so we aren't winter weather prepared!

Looks like I need to make them some scarves, too! Speaking of scarves....Have you signed up for my giveaways?? Go here and here to leave me a comment and get entered! Drawing ends Friday!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One Hundred!!

So, ya know know if I did something special for post #99, I just HAVE to do something for #100, right??!!


Yes, a second prize for one of my readers, because I appreciate ya'll so much!!!

What will it be this time??!!

A Kid's Patchwork Scarf!!

Because she needs to be sylish and hip too!!

The striped fabric on the front is so adorable! I did an alternating patchwork design on the front. The back is a pink fleece and I will add one initial of your choice.
So, you wanna win it??!!

Just leave me a comment! Easy, right??! What a wonderful gift to give to that special little lady in your life!

You have until Friday at Midnight to leave a comment (with email address) and I will choose a winner Saturday morning with!!

If you have already added yourself as a follower for the other giveaway...You will automatically get a second entry. Post about BOTH giveaways and get an additional entry for EACH giveaway....And of course, if you order from my Website, you will get FIVE for EACH giveaway!


***You don't have to have a blog to win...Just leave your name and email address in the comment and/or place an order and you will be entered!***

Happy Almost 100...

It's almost my 100th Post Blogiversary!!

99 posts exactly! It's taken me since August 2007 , but I'm just about there!!

And how am I going to celebrate???!!!
With a

I am going to recreate a scarf like this


This scarf turned out so cute!! I LOVE the paisley fabric on the front!! It's backed with a soft, warm fleece. I will applique one initial of your choice.

So....what do you have to do to win it???!!!

Just leave me a comment! That's all you have to do and this could be YOURS! How easy is that?? Right in time for Christmas....Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift!

So you have until Friday at Midnight to leave a comment (with email address) and I will choose a winner Saturday morning with!!

Want extra entries?? Three ways:

1. Follow my blog and come back and leave another comment letting me know you're a follower an get an entry!

2. Post about it on your blog and come back and let me know you posted an get an entry!

3. Place any order through my Website and get FIVE entries!!


***You don't have to have a blog to win...Just leave your name and email address in the comment and/or place an order and you will be entered!***


Oh, I loved those comments thinking my "Special Announcement" was I was pregnant....Yeah, I think KNOW we are done!!

Gotta Love It

Mississippi weather that is!

Yesterday: cool, breezy upper 60s

Today: high 72...possibility of tornados

Wednesday/Thurdsay: highs upper 40s, lows upper 20s.....possibilty of freezing rain/sleet/snow

I just love hate the fact that we can turn on the a/c and heater in the same day! That's Mississippi for ya!

Too bad it's not closer to Christmas! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a white Christmas??!!

You know what?! I take that back...The thought of snow sends Mississippians into a panic...Run to Wal-Mart and stock up on water, non-perishable items just in case you can't leave the house for a few days....People here do not know how to drive in the snow...Nor need to because most end up on the side on the road.


You MUST stay tuned!!! I have a special announcement to make later in the day!!! You DON'T wanna miss out!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me! Monday

It's that time again!!! I had so much fun last week so I'm gonna play again!!

And away we go........

I did not have another fiasco in the kitchen this week! Nope, I am the best cook and I never have any problems! Especially not while making this wonderful fudge that I've made tons of times. I did not boil it too long and it did not set up like a brick. Seriously! It did not take pounding it on the counter to break it up! Oh, and I was not making it at midnight because I did not want a snack. Of, course not. I am on a diet.....

Yeah, I did not try to start a diet right here at the holidays. What wasn't I thinking??!! My diet was to consist of yogurt, rice cakes, know, "diet" food. Please don't tell anyone, but I did not find myself eating rice cakes while I was not on the computer all day today and I did not look down and find like 6 gone from the package!!! Yeah, for some reason I really don't think I started my diet off on the right foot... I'm sure rice cakes, only in moderation, would constitute a diet!

And did I tell you how I am the best driver....I never get road rage and my children never hear me yell at other drivers....What kind of mom would do that??!! Oh, I am also great with directions! I never get lost. Not even on the way to my own house! None of this took place this week.....After picking Morgan up from school, I was not talking on the cellphone and did not forget to turn right instead of left, finding myself headed home instead of to the bank. I did not have to yell at the car behind me because he was kind enough to let me over after having my blinker on. So after getting headed in the right direction, (still not on the cellphone, of course) I finally made it to the bank.....only to not realize it was the wrong one!!!

Oh, I can't forget to tell you how nice I was to the lady in the photo department at Wal-Mart. See, I uploaded my Christmas cards to have them printed out on Tuesday, 1 hour of course, even though I knew it would it probably wouldn't be 'til the next day until I went to get them. I go Friday, knowing they definately were ready, only to find out they weren't....What didn't I do?? I very kindly thanked her and let her know how I grateful I was that I would have to make another trip to come back and pick them up....What wonderful service they have! Of course I was not rude....I mean, it is Christmas time ya know!!!

So, do you have something you need to be honest about and get off your chest....

Go here to read the rules and join in the fun!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Remodel? Not Really

After working on my blog pretty much all day...I think I finally have it fixed....I tried to do a little remodling, but, as you see, I reverted back to the original...with a few minor changes....This html coding is difficult! Yeah, it's my fault I'm an el-cheapo and won't pay someone to do it for me!

I lost my complete blogroll, so if I've left you off, please let me know!! Or if you're a reader and I didn't have you on the list, let me know also!! I will add you!


Is right!! No, I didn't delete all of my wonderful blog friends....I attempted to upload a new template and as you see it obviously didn't work.... So, please be patient with me as I update my blog!

under construction Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just one of those days weeks

Four sick kids, two trips to the doctor, and lots and lots of medicine! That's what my week has been composed of...

It all started last Sunday with Morgan and Hannah having a little cold. I immediately started medicine...In our house, when one gets sick, we all get sick.....And this time was no different. By Monday night, Ethan and Emma Kate were stuffy and feverish, but the girls were better. After being up on and off all night, I decided to take them to our pedi to get medicine (Did you know OTC cough/cold medicine is not recommended to children under 4?? I did't)

So Ethan had an upper respiratory infection along with double ear infections. He was put on a decongestant and antibiotic. Emma Kate had a upper respiratory infection and was given a decongestant. Tuesday and Wednesday was rough. Medicine every 12 hours intermittent with Tylenol for fever. Ethan was feeling a little better by Friday, but Emma Kate's cough was getting worse and seemed like she was having difficulty breathing. I just had that "mom" feeling that she was worse and needed to go back to the pedi before the weekend. And my feeling was right. She now had a double ear infection. They also did a nasal swab and diagnosed her with RSV. Not only did she get an antibotic, but also a nebulizer for breathing treatments.

Oh, it doesn't end there...just gets better. Didn't leave the pedi's office until about 5 pm and we dropped the prescription off at CVS (2 hour wait to get it). Go back to pick it up only to find out they couldn't fill it because the pedi forgot to sign it and their office was already closed. Had to then call the after-hours clinic, wait for the nurse to call back, tell her what's going on, wait again to get on-call doc's approval. Finally, she calls it in to CVS, I go back to pick it up (keep in mind it's about 10 pm by this time) and find out that they are out of the nebulizer meds. They call around to about 4 different stores and finally found one that had it. Oh, and it was about a 25 minute drive away....I finally get home about midnight. Whewww, what a day! I give her the breathing treatment and Amoxil and we get in the bed about 1 am!

Wait....there's more!! We woke up about 7 this morning to find her with red splotches ALL over her body! She had an allergic reaction to the Amoxil. We call the pedi's office and immediately give her Benadryl. She was better about 30 minutes later.

I felt horrible! She's never had Amoxil, I should have waited a little before I put her to bed. I checked on her during the night, but didn't turn on the light. It was so late and we were tired, but I should have waited....Thankfully she didn't have the reaction I have to penicillin (swollen throat, difficulty breathing). So grateful for that!

Needless to say, we've enjoyed the low-key afternoon! Back to studying.....Finals next week and I've had to put school on the back-burner this week so I have a lot of catching up to do!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yo Gabba Gabba

No, I didn't just make up those words! If you have kids, I'm sure you've heard about Yo Gabba Gabba on Nick Jr.

What could be better than 5 toy monsters named Muno, Foofa, Plex, Toodee and Brobee, along with DJ Lance, teaching about different issues all while singing and dancing? Nothing to my kids for that 30 minutes the show is on...They sit still and anything that makes Ethan still that long, I am all about!! Hey, I need just a little quiet time during the day, even if it's only 30 minutes!

Don't tell anyone, but I have a favorite song from the show (*blushing*) Actually, the song goes something like "Don't stop, don't give up", but my version (the way I swear it sounds like they are saying) goes, "Don't stop, donkey-butt" Much better version! And, I will admit, I find myself beboping around the house singing it...Great mental picture, huh?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

5 Random Facts at Me

1. I won a car about 5 years ago!! You'll never guess what I had to do in order to win it! I sat in the car for eleven days....Yes, I typed that right! ELEVEN days! Holy cow! That was eleven days without a shower, eleven days sleeping and eating in the car, and eleven days just sitting there waiting. Waiting for what you ask? For the other 5 people to get out of the car! It was a contest for a local radio station called "Live In It To Win It". 6 people started out. We were only allowed get out twice a day, 5 a.m. and 5 p.m., to go to the bathroom, brush our teeth, and stretch. Finally, about 10:30 p.m. on the eleventh day, the other guy decided to get out and go home....And I walked drove away with a brand-spanking new Chevy Impala-it had just 7 miles on it!!!
2. I went to Paris when I was 17. I was a cheerleader in high school and was chosen to be on the All-American team, along with 2 other girls from my squad. We had a choice to go to a few different places to perform and chose to go to Paris. We performed at Disneyland Paris and in front of the Eiffel Tower! It was so much fun! The only thing I regret was not being as interested as I should have been about the sights. We went to the Louve and saw the Mona Lisa, walked and shopped the Avenue des Champs-Eleysees, and took a boat tour down the Seine River. Paris is beautiful and I hope to visit again someday and appreciate what it has to offer.
3. Speaking of traveling, there are so many places I hope to have the opportunity to visit one day. Once the kids are grown and out of the house, my plans are to travel the world! Just a few places I want to go: France, Italy, Australia, and I would love to visit each state atleast once!
4. I lived in Montana and Seattle as a child. I remember Montana was too cold and Seattle was too rainy! And now I live in Mississippi where it's too humid!
5. I hate wearing socks, they make me feel claustrophobic!! It can be the dead of winter and I'm sockless. I even wear my boots without socks! The only, extremely rare, exception....the socks have to be really, really thin. And I wonder why my kids are like this!!

Merry Christmas!


I submitted our Christmas card into Tip Junkie's card contest.....

Hope I get picked...I wanna win some Chrismas goodies!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday

If you haven't checked out this chic's blog, you really need to! Her family is amazing, she's funny and witty, and not to mention, she's had over 2 MILLION visits! Wow, that's a lot! I have spent many a nights reading her posts from way back when to catch up!

Mondays are her "Not me Monday" posts which are so cute! She encourages everyone to participate, so here goes!

So the kids were out of school last week and they did not wake me up at 6 a.m. one morning. Nope and I did not tell them to go fix their own cereal. And they did not come back and tell me they had not made a mess. And, of course, I did not walk into my kitchen to a floor full of milk. What wasn't I thinking??!!


This was not the first year I cooked Thanksgiving dinner, by myself. I did not take the easy way out and buy a turkey from Honey Baked Ham. I did not fix stuffing, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, and gravy, all from boxes. Nope, I slaved all morning at the stove and I did not have my whole Thanksgiving dinner cook in under 30 minutes! (Rachel Ray would have been proud!)


One last one....
It does not take a whole loaf of bread to feed my family grill cheese sandwiches. And while I was not using the whole loaf, I did not need a stick of butter, softened, to butter the bread. I did not think I could softened the butter in the microwave, for just a second. I did not put the stick of butter directly in the microwave. And it did not start flying sparks because of the metal wrapper. So I did not take it out, unwrap it, and put it back. And I most certainly did not open the microwave back up to find the entire stick, melted in the microwave, and I did not realize then I should have atleast put it on plate or in a bowl!

Nope, Not Me!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

#1 and #2: Thankful for my Heavenly Father and my Family

Without #1 I would have no life and without #2 my life would not be as wonderful!


Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was as great as ours! We spent the day, at home, just us seven. A very first for the Youngs. Usually Thanksgiving Day is full of driving and eating with different family members: my grandmother's for early lunch, Alan's parents, here at our house for late lunch, and then my mom's for dinner. This year we celebrated with my grandmother this past weekend (due to my aunt having surgery, which she made it through perfectly!), Alan's parents stayed in Florida, and my mom went to St. Louis.

I do have to say it was very relaxing, although I miss my grandmother's dressing, my MIL's mac & cheese and my mom's asparagus casserole...Oh, well, there's always Christmas!


So, what's next for me? Well, making my list for Black Friday shopping and getting to bed early, of course! I'm not quite as enthused as I usually am because there just doesn't seem to be a lot on sale that I want to get. I'm sure while I'm standing it a line at 5 a.m., with a warm caramel macchiato, I will change my mind!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

my thankfulness continues...4-3

#3: Thankful for knowing that God is in control and he has a purpose for my life. Before He gave me life, He knew each and everything I would do. By believing in Him and letting Him lead me, He will guide me to where He wants me to go.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

#4: Thankful for my home and nice warm bed to sleep in each night...even if it only gets slept in a few hours each night. I have no idea what is wrong with me, but I cannot seem to go to bed at a reasonable time! You would think with 5 kids I would be pooped at the end of the day and just want to crawl into my bed...nope.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Pictures

Wow, my kids have grown so much in just 1 year!
Not too mention we have added a new addition!

My bf Mel came over tonight to photograph the kids for our christmas cards. She took some wonderful pictures of the kids! Well...of the girls atleast. Ethan hates having his picture taken. Luckily, she was able to get just a few with him in the picture and he would not let her take any of him by himself. He's so hard-headed (I have no idea where he gets it from :O)
There were so many great pictures of Emma Kate! I just can't choose my favorite! She cooperated so well! I wish all my kids were like this!
Enjoy the pictures!
Thanks again Melanie for taking these pictures for me! And for letting me tinker with your camera...I so have to get one of those!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

#16 - #5

I've been really busy lately...but not too busy to get back to my challenge!!

5: Thankful for my family: brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews...Speaking of aunts...Please put my Aunt Cindy in your thoughts and prayers. She will be having surgery (she was diagnosed with breast cancer about 3 months ago) on Tuesday morning.

6: Thankful for having the opportunity to spend time with my grandmother before she passed away. She was the one that taught me to sew and I thank her all the time for it!

7: Thankful for good friends that make me laugh and let me cry

8: Thankful for a Caramel Macchiato...makes me happy and warm every time I drink it!

9: Thankful for my front loader washer and dryer...If I have to do laundry, I'd rather do it with these...half the time and it saves water..(which means saves some green)!

10: Thankful for the Internet....what else would I be doing in my free time??!!

11: Thankful for all the things that happened in the past that has gotten me to where I am today, whether it was bad or that song.."Thank God for unanswered prayers"...

12: Thankful for my husband's random thoughtfulness (and his inability to keep secrets!) My Christmas present arrived early and he just couldn't keep it to himself so he gave it to me! Wait, wonder if that means I won't get anything on Christmas morning??!! Maybe I should give it back!

13: Thankful for my excellent health

14: Thankful for Thanksgiving break....I need a break from tests! I've had at least 3-4 a WEEK since October!!

15: Thankful for my crock pot! We wouldn't have a healthy dinner some nights if it weren't for it! One recipe I wanna try...crock pot lasagna...Wonder if it would be good???

16: Thankful for my decision to go back to school...I know it will be tough in so many ways for the next 2 years, but it will so be worth it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Giveaway Galore!!

In celebration of Christmas, Tip Junkie is holding "12 Days of Junkie" giveaways sponsored by the moms who are a part of the Mom-preneur Shop-a-thon hosted by Tip Junkie.
There will be 12 Days of Giveaways and TWO winners everyday!!
I sure hope my luck is up and I score some gifts!!!
If you haven't visited Tip Junkie before, DO IT NOW!!! Wonderful tips and ideas on just about everything!!! And be sure to visit all the Mom-preneurs and support their businesses this holiday season!!


Thankful for the men and women who fought
in order for us to have freedom.
Thank you to my husband, who is a Army Veteran, who fought and was injured while serving our country.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Thankful for the words "I Love You"
Ethan has started making two or three word sentences and it's just so sweet to hear him say "I love you, mommy". I walked out to go to class tonight and he started banging on the front door, crying and screaming for me. I walked back in to give him a hug and he said "Bye, mommy, love you!!!"
It just melted my heart!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Thankful for being woken up at 6 am by 2 little girls!
Why you ask? Because it just means that God has graciously blessed me, Alan, and my children with one more day on Earth.
After telling them to go watch t.v for a little bit, we slept for about another hour and they came back saying they were starving and needed food! So I made eggs, pancakes, and bacon. Oh, I bought the bacon at Mistletoe Marketplace on Saturday. The BEST bacon I've ever cooked! The company is Bear Creek Smokehouse out of Texas. Fairly reasonable prices for the amount you get. Oh, the jalapeno sausage is good, too! We had it in red beans and rice Saturday night.
Mistletoe Marketplace was fun this year! I was sorta disappointed with the decorations. I'm not a big fan of purple and gold. It just doesn't seem like Christmas without red and green! However, it did get me in the Christmas mood! I'm hoping to put up decorations this weekend! I've gotta get the house clean and do the floors! And furniture rearranging...I have no idea where the tree is going to go this year????

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Thankful for moments like this...

Friday, November 7, 2008


Thankful for "mommy-daughter conversations" with my girls...

A.M. convo with Hannah while she was getting dressed...

Me: "Hannah, I just LOVE those leggings you pick out yesterday!"

Hannah (putting on leggings): "Me, too!

Me: "I sure wish I had a pair like that. Maybe you could let me borrow yours."

Hannah: " But I wear an extra small and you're like an extra big Mommy. These won't fit you!"

I just laughed it off! I didn't realize it, but she left the hanger they were on sitting on my bathroom counter...

P.M. convo with Morgan while we were getting ready to blow dry her hair before bedtime (she didn't hear our conversation earlier that day)...

Morgan (picking up the hanger): "Mommy, why is this hanger in here? It says extra small and you don't wear that size...You're like an extra big!"

Me: "Oh, I know, Hannah already let me know!"

Don't you just love how children just nonchalantly tell you the truth! I just wanted to say..."You know, Emma Kate is ONLY 8 weeks, I haven't lost all the baby weight just yet!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Thankful for my sanity

As a mother of a child going through his terrible twos, I am thankful for the fact that I haven't lost all of my sanity! I have finally figured out that Ethan just loves sitting in his time-out chair all day, everyday! I get on to him, send him to time-out, wait 2 minutes, make him apologize and we hug, and I kid-you-not, no more than 5 minutes later he's right back in!

Our catastrophes this week...

1. he broke the lid to the toilet tank

2. he took his diaper off and peed on his bedroom floor

3. found him standing ON the counter in the bathroom, elbow deep in the turtle tank trying to catch the turtles, while Spongebob is swimming in the tank

4. he learned how to unlock the deadbolt and open the door (thank goodness for the alarm!)

Don't let this sweet, innocent little face fool you!

**Did you notice that bruise on his forehead??!! Jumped from the top bunk and hit his head, along with a gash in the other side of it...I about flipped my lid! LOL!! And he tried to get back up there and do it again! Boys...where do they learn it from? I am convinced it's in the genes!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Just being thankful for it...You never know how long it will last! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Thankful that the election is FINALLY over!!

I am not one that talks politics, that's my husband's job! LOL! Nor have I really had any interest in politics. I registered to vote when I turned 18, but have never voted. I didn't pay attention enough in school to really know the major differences between the two parties.

Until this year. I know, I'm from Mississippi. A Republican state. My parents, grandparents, family, and friends are Republicans. So should I be a Republican, right? After doing hours of Googling and hearing it daily from Alan (who is from Pennsylvania, and is a die-heart Democrat), I learned about the parties and made my OWN decision. It's not easy to go against the norm. But everyone is allowed their own opinion and that's what is so great about this country.

Thankfully, the bad-mouthing, negative campaigning is over! But I'm sure I will still receive those emails of why Obama is not what God wants, as so on, and so forth! I will read them. It doesn't mean I don't think you should have your own opinion.

I just may not agree with it!

Monday, November 3, 2008


I am thankful for:

My parents and grandparents for my values and morals they instilled in my while I was growing up. I am taking Sociology class this semester and one thing we were discussing a few weeks ago was the breakdown of the family and how things have changed in the last 50 years. Alan and I both agree that teaching our children about respect and responsibility is important. We try as much as possible to eat dinner together and have family time. Although, at times, this is difficult to squeeze in with every one's activities, we try.

I also want my children to respect others, as well as themselves. In this day and age, it's very easy for children to be exposed to things we feel are wrong and immoral. Television, video games, and toys often send wrong messages and it is our responsibility as parents to be there to teach them the difference between right and wrong. Take this toy for example:
Am I the only one that thinks this is just totally wrong? I am not a big fan of Bratz dolls to begin with, but when I saw this at Wal-Mart the other day, I just couldn't believe the company's audacity to market this to children. Would you want your daughter to play with this "Nighty Night" doll, dressed in a slinky nightgown? Just look at the doll posing on the front of the box! I know Barbies are known for the provocative clothing also, but this just takes the cake! I just want my girls to stay young for as long as possible and enjoy their childhood.
Ok, I will get off my soapbox! Thank you again, Mom, Dad, Grandma, and PawPaw for teaching me all you did!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Coupons!Before I started using coupons, we were easily spending $150 a week on groceries a week! That's a lot, even for a family of six at that time. After finding several, wonderful money saving websites, I started paying attention to sales and using coupons. I've learned to plan my menus by what's on sale and I try not to buy something unless I have a coupon. So now you're probably saying (just like I did), I don't buy the stuff from the coupons that come in the Sunday paper. Right? Well, here's a compilation of company websites with lots of coupons. They keep this list updated regularly. I've also learned you can't just go to the grocery store without planning. Sunday is my shopping day. I get the Sunday coupons, check all the sales, plan my menus for the week, and make my list of what I need. I've been price matching at Wal-Mart with sales from other stores, but I tried something different tonight. I had store coupons from Kroger and I decided to make a list for Wal-Mart and one for Kroger. I saved the most today than I have all year.

Wal-Mart: Before coupons-$52.78, After coupons: $36.93 SAVINGS: $15.85

Kroger: Before coupons: $72.21, After coupons: $41.27 SAVINGS: $30.94

Total savings of $46.79

$78.20 for the week for a family of 7!!!

Not too bad, but I'm not going to lie. It wasn't easy going to two places, but it was worth it in my book! My advice to those of you wanting to save, check out the websites below, save your coupons (don't forget to ask friends, family, and neighbors for the ones they don't use), and keep your coupons organized! I went about 4 weeks without cutting them out of the paper and filing them, and it was horrible! I spent Saturday night clipping and organizing them. What a FUN way to spend a Saturday night, huh!? I'm so cool! LOL!!

A few of my Favorite Money Saving Websites:

Have a wonderful week!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy November! #27

"Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day." ~Robert Caspar Lintner

I am thankful everyday for what God has graciously blessed me with. In honor of Thanksgiving, I will be posting things I am most thankful for. Twenty-seven days til Thankgiving, twenty-seven things I am thankful for! My countdown to Turkey Day, so to speak!

**In no particular order, of course!**


Daylight Savings Time-ending!!

Is it just me or was this the longest dailylight savings time ever? After babysitting this weekend, I am thankful for that extra hour of sleep I will be getting tonight!

Friday, October 31, 2008

By the Numbers

Three shots for Emma Kate for her Eight week check-up

Three pounds gained in Four weeks. She's up to Ten lbs. Ten oz.

Every Four hours, a dose of Tylenol

Two babies under my supervision tonight. Emma Kate, of course, and I'm babysitting my nephew, Corbin until tomorrow night

Two dirty diapers changed in Ten minutes from child # One

One more diaper changed Five minutes later from child # Two

Four shirts I've had to change because of projectile vomiting, from child # One

Learned that trying to feed Two babies at One time by One person is just simply Impossible

One more night with less than Four hours of sleep

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mommy Duties

Ok, so it's the night before Halloween and what am I doing? Making treat bags for 20 little Kindergarteners, of course! I volunteered to be Homeroom Mom for Morgan's class and have been busy the past two weeks assigning parents to various tasks and responsibilities.

I decided to do treat bags because that would be easy, right? Well, you know me, and I don't just take the easy way out and buy the plastic treat bags and tie 'em and go on...Nope, that's not me at all. I found these cute paper bags, filled each one with candy and spiders and fun stuff like that, then in order to close 'em, I decided to punch holes and tie 'em with curly ribbon! Time-consuming to say the least!

Oh, and because I needed just ONE more thing to do...chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles! That have to be bagged and tied as well!

And it's midnight...4 bags down, 16 to go! Better get busy...Morgan's party is at 8:30 am!!! They have to be finished tonight!

From my Kitchen

My family absolutely loves this recipe, so I thought I would share it! Very inexpensive, but super yummy!

Sausage Egg Rolls

1 Roll of Sausage
1 Bag of Cabbage Mix (w/carrots)
1 Package of Egg Roll Wrappers (usually found in produce near the tofu)
1/4 Cup of Soy Sauce
Chinese Five Spice (I think I use about a teaspoon, just eyeball it)
Oil for frying (About an inch in the bottom of my pan is enough)
Soy Sauce for dipping

1. Cook sausage thoroughly until no longer pink. Drain.
2. I use my chopper to ground the sausage smaller (Optional)
3. Add Sausage, Cabbage Mix, Chinese Five Spice and Soy Sauce to a saucepan. Cover and cook until cabbage has steamed completely.
4. Drain and let cool. Prep to begin rolling the wrappers.
5. I use about 2 Tablespoons of mix in each wrapper. The directions are on the back of the package, but here are some pictures. (Was a little difficult to take a picture with one had and hold with the other! LOL)
***I use a little water to seal the final corner. If not sealed, they will open up when fried. And soy sauce and heat don't mix well!!
5. While wrapping the egg rolls, heat oil on medium heat. Make sure the oil it HOT! It should only take a few minutes on each side to brown lightly. If the oil isn't hot enough and they have to cook longer, they will be greasy! Trust me, I've had this happen a few times.

6. Enjoy with a little soy sauce for dipping!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

She's growing...

...way too fast!! Her 8 week check-up is Friday! We started her on cereal, just a few tablespoons in her bottle in the morning and before she goes to bed at night. I know, doctors say wait until they're a little older, but she wanted to eat ALL the time! All the time meaning, every hour or so! She's now sleeping about 5-6 hours at night! And holds her head up so good! And she just coos and smiles all the time!! So precious! We are truly blessed in so many ways!

My Great News!

I have been so excited about this, but I completely forgot to post about it! I've been a nervous wreck all month long as I waited patiently each day for the mail to be delivered. Finally, last week my letter came! I am officially going to start nursing school in January!! Yay me! I have orientation in a few weeks, then it's Thanksgiving, then back to school for finals, then Christmas, and before I know it, it'll be January and time to start! I'm actually nervous! I've talked to a few people that have said getting through nursing school was the hardest thing they had ever done. It will totally be worth all the hard work when I finish!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Favorites

And these are a just few of my favorite things...

*I found this new website, PICNIK for picture editing...I love Picasa, but this has so many cool things! Like the collages, so many options...Not to mention, so much fun!!

*Lavender and Vanilla Scent- Oh.My.Goodness, this is the best smell (only second to baby) Not only can you wash your clothes in it, you can clean, freshen fabric and air, AND sweep and mop the floors with it! I LOVE it! I would bathe in if I could! HeHe!
*Holiday Shopping!!! Mistletoe Marketplace is an annual shopping event that's NOT to be missed! It's rapidly approaching and will be here before I know it! So ready! And of course, Black Friday shopping as well! I'm on the look-out for a digital camera this year...hmmm...may be standing in line a Best Buy? Or Wal-Mart...I wish stores weren't so prudish about their ads and would release them early...Oh, well, guess it's just part of the tradition staying up late on Thanksgiving night mapping out our gameplan so we know exactly what we want and what time to be where!

*Grey's Anatomy!! Seriously, this is the best show ever! Did you watch the show last night? Meredith dropped the KIDNEY!! LOL! I was cracking up! Unfortunately, I have class on Thursday nights right now, so THANK GOODNESS you can catch the episodes on the website!

Happy Friday! Here's to the weekend!

"DineSaurs" need naps, too!

Ethan + quiet = I better go find him!
I searched his room, the bathroom (has a fascination with the water in the toilet, likes to "wash" his trucks!), and I finally found my bed, fast asleep! This is his Halloween costume, which he hasn't wanted to take off since we bought it! Had to hide it so I didn't have to walk into Wal-Mart with a "DineSaur". Yes, that's what he calls himself, while he's Roaring around the house! And I'm reluctant about buying Halloween costumes because they aren't worth the price for wearing it one day! Thank you, my little "DineSaur", for putting that $19.99 to good use!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can we keep her?

This was Hannah's first question after she saw Emma Kate for the first time!
She absolutely LOVES Emma Kate! She is always wanting to hold her and kiss her! I should enjoy this while it lasts! It won't be too long and I will hearing how Emma Kate won't leave her stuff alone and get out of her room!

I haven't been taking enough pictures so we tried to get some good ones today. Emma Kate normally just sleeps and eats, but I was able to get some of her awake today! She is getting so big! Can you count her baby chins!! HeHe!