Saturday, October 13, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy Bees

With 4 children, everyday is a busy day! I work all week anticipating every weekend to relax only to be on the go all day Saturdays and Sundays. And today happened to be no different. Had to work until 2 then drive all the way to Madison to pick the kids up from my mom. Then off to get a birthday gift for Annah Brooke, my dear friend Melanie's daughter. Next stop, Libby Lu for Annah Brooke's party!! The girls, well, Morgan and Bella, just had a blast! Hannah decided not to do it this time, she is our little tom-boy and just hates anything sparkly! Then back to their house for dinner, cake and ice cream! After a day full of fun, back to the house for baths and in the bed to get plenty of rest for tomorrow! And our schedule for tomorrow?? Just as and an afternoon at the fair to watch Annah Brooke's cheer competition and some of that delicious fair food!! Ummmm...chicken on a stick.....funnel cakes.....can't wait!

Needless to say it was another busy day and I am pooped!! I almost can't wait until Mondays so I can stay in one place for 8 hours! Hahaha!!

Here is a picture of the girls right before bed! As you see, just as perky as can be!!

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