Monday, March 31, 2008

Picture Day

I know I can't be the only mom that STRESSES out on picture day! I can't even describe how stressed out I get! It is VERY difficult to get 4 children, with 4 TOTALLY different moods, to look at the camera and smile! Heck, for that matter, to get all 4 of them to even look at the camera at the same time! I know everyone usually shares the "good" pictures, but I wanted to share what our family goes through everytime we try to do family photos...
Lots of these...if you notice, I do have Morgan "trained" LOL...she doesn't move when we say smile!!

Then there are lots of these...Ethan running away and Hannah trying not to chase after him! And of course, Bella, who just HATES taking pictures!! LOL

And every now and then I will get a good picture! Like I said, all 4 looking at the camera, not necessarily all smiling...but at least I got 3 of the 4!

And of course, my favorite ones...when everyone starts to get tired and the tears start flowing! Poor Ethan was tired!

But I was able to get this SWEET one of him smelling the flowers!And here is a good one of Morgan and Hannah...
But I wouldn't have it any other way!! would be nice to find someone that would just let me drop my kids off with them and let them do all the work and get those "PERFECT" pictures! I can only imagine what that would cost me! LOL!
My Sweet Baby Girl!!
I almost forgot...Thanks to Melanie for taking the pictures for us! And keeping me somewhat sane that day!!

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