Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby Update 18 weeks

I haven't been doing well with blogging lately! I have been meaning to update everyone on the baby, but I have been sick and extremely busy, not to mention TIRED all the time!! We did find out the sex...I will make you wait til the end so keep reading...Boy or Girl???? What do you think??? Here is a picture of me this week. Maybe you can guess from the way I am carrying...
Any idea? What's your guess???

So, wanna know what we have been up to? T-Ball and Softball...2-3 nights a week we are at the fields with the girls. They both are doing so well this year! It's so fun to watch Hannah keep up with all the boys (she's the only girl on her team!) We have about a month left so I'm sure May will go by just as fast as this month has! I can't believe April is almost over. This pregnancy has seemed to go by so fast...I am almost half way there!
Back to the are a few pictures from the sonogram we had two weeks ago.

More Young Family news: I am going back to school!!! What!!?? That's probably what you are thinking. That was Alan's first reaction! I really have been thinking since I left my job at the apartments about what I really want to be when I "grow up" so to speak, and I came to the conclusion that I want to give back, really do something meaningful each and every day, and I have decided to go to nursing school. Well, back to it so to speak (I made it through 1 semester and ended up withdrawing in 2002.) I wasn't quite ready. Or maybe He had other plans for me at that time, I'm not really sure. I do know that this is where I am being led right now and I couldn't be happier! Of course I am going to have to work around the baby since I am due in September, but I will start on June 2 with an 8 week summer class of Human A & P I and lab. (I have to retake it because it has been over 5 years). Then College Algebra and Sociology the first 8 weeks of the Fall and Human A & P II and lab the last 8 weeks of the Fall. Which puts me at starting nursing school in the Spring! If I get accepted!! Hopefully I won't have anything to worry about!

Ok, enough with me, on to the baby right??!! Drumroll.....


Another girl!! Poor Ethan! And Alan! We are very excited to be welcoming another child into our family! We have also decided on a name...

Emma Katherine, Emma Kate for short

So, the Young Family children will be:

Morgan Olivia, Anabella Corrine, Hannah Elise, Ethan Taylor, and Emma Katherine

Whew...did I miss anyone?! Hahaha! The kids are so excited it's a girl! They all agreed (me included!) we couldn't handle another Ethan!

Well...more updates to comes as the due date approaches!!

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