Sunday, June 1, 2008

24 Down, 16 To Go

Ok, I'm in week 24...over the half way mark! I am feeling the summer heat already and it's just June 1!! Emma Kate kicks and moves like crazy!! Especially when I lay down to go to bed! All is going well with the pregnancy minus the gallbladder problems, but I'm dealing with it! There is no way I can have my gallbladder removed right now because of possible pre-term labor. My doctor says the earliest he would do it would be 30 weeks but I wouldn't ever want to risk having her early just because I'm in a little pain. I will deal with it as long as possible to be sure she is perfect and healthy!

We have another sonogram on June 11! Hopefully we can get some good 4D pictures this time!


Melanieshea said...

She really is a growin'! :) You looked SO cute today!!!

brandi said...

Thank you!! She is getting so big...and me too!! LOL!