Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More CVS Deals!!

Ok, I am officially addicted to CVS!!! I went back today just to buy more chex mix...yeah, like that really happened!!! I was able to print 6 more coupons for the chex mix (on sale for $1.00, used $1.00 coupon making it FREE!!) and I wanted to use one of the new $3 off $15 coupons that don't expire until 6/14 (found it courtesy of MoneySavingMom, Thanks!!), so I added a few more June Deals to my transaction. Well...I noticed that the Listerine and Oral-B Toothbrushes, which had a limit of 2 that I reached yesterday, magically didn't say it anymore!!! So, needless to say I had to make another trip, which lead to TWO more transactions, LOL, because the limit for me was 4, not 2 and the Aquafresh Deal from May was still active with a limit of 3!! Today's buys were UNBELIEVABLE!! HUGE savings....Check it out:

Transaction #1

6 Chex Mix: $6.00
Aquafresh Extreme Clean: $2.99
Cotton Swabs: $3.19
Brut Deodorant: $3.39

Pre-Total: $15.57
$6.00 Chex Coupons
$2.00 Aquafresh Coupon (printed on receipt yesterday)
$3 off $15 Coupon
$7.00 ECBs

Total OOP: $.57 ($1.03 w/tax)
ECBs Earned: $7.99: $2.99 (Aquafresh), $2.00 (Cotton Swabs), $3.00 (Brut)

Transaction #2

2 Dawn Dish Soaps: $2.00
Listerine: $3.49
Oral-B Toothbrushes: $6.99
Brut: $3.39

Pre-Total: $15.87
$1.00 Listerine Coupon
$3 off $15 Coupon
$10.99 ECBs

Total OOP: $.88 ($1.01 w/tax)
ECBs Earned: $14.48: $1.00 (Dawn), $3.49 (Listerine) $6.99 (Oral-B), $3.00 (Brut)

Transaction #3

2 Dawn Dish Soaps: $2.00
Aquafresh ExtremeClean: $2.99
Listerine: $3.49
Oral-B: $6.99

Pre-Total: $15.57
$3 off $15 Coupon
$12.47 ECBs

Total OOP: $0
ECBs Earned: $14.47: $1.00 (Dawn), $2.99 (ExtremeClean), $3.49 (Listerine), $6.99 (Oral-B)

Wow, total OOP for today was only $2.04 for $59.21 worth of stuff...and I have $18.47 in ECBs!!! I still have the Bounty/Charmin deal to do...Buy $20, earn $10 ECBs. Hopefully that transaction will go like this:

Bounty: $5.99
Bounty: $5.99
Charmin: $4.99
Charmin: $4.99

Pre-Total: $21.96
$4 off $20
(2) $.25 Bounty Coupons from 6/1 paper
(2) $.25 Charmin Coupons from 6/1 paper
$16.47 ECBs

Total OOP: $.49 ($.52 w/tax)
ECBs Earned: $10.00

And I will have $12.00 ECBs to start of next week with!!! WOW, what a week!! Toilet paper, Paper Towels, Diapers, Wipes...Oh, CVS, you knew EXACTLY what I needed this week!!!


Katherine said...

Thank you for posting your CVS deals. I find yours really easy to follow.

brandi said...

You're welcome!! Glad you find it helpful! I'm still kinda new at this, so some sites I go to I find it confusing...so I'm just breaking it all down to help out all of those who are still learning too!!