Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kickin' a bad habit

I didn't make a lot of resolutions this year...just 3...

1. Pass my classes
2. Loss the baby weight
3. Stop biting my nails

I have been a nail biter for ALL of my life! I know, it's a bad habit! I've tried to stop so many times and have been unsuccessful. Usually if I get acrylic nails they will grow, but just as soon as the acrylic nails come off, my real nails are gone...I get bored, I bite them. I get stressed or nervous and I really bite them!

Well, with me starting school and not being able to wear acrylic nails anymore...I have to stop biting them! And besides, working in the environment, all the germs, the thought of it just grosses me out! Not that it didn't before, I've just become more aware of it!

I've told Alan or the kids, if they see me biting my nails, to slap me!! I will say, it's been two days and no slaps....Yet!!


Oh, I gotta share some funny quotes from Hannah today!

We were getting ready for "Mommy and Me Day" and I was doing her hair....

"Mommy, I don't want pink-tails...can you do black-tails, I don't like pink!"

It's been raining for the past few days and we are all sick of it.
Here's Hannah's thoughts on it!

"God sure is taking a long shower...You think he will be done soon?!"


Melanieshea said...

Good luck. I stopped getting my nails done after the cruise ;( I am trying to keep clear polish on them and I am TRYING to grow them!!! I don't really bite mine though, they just break...But good luck anyway!

Midwest Mommy said...

I'll join you on #2

Samantha said...

Good luck with everything! I just want to lose weight!!

Anna said...

Hannah's comments about the rain are funny. Audrey told me that when it rains God is washing all of the babies off so they will be clean when He puts them in the mommies' bellies!