Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sewing 101

So I missed my daily posting yesterday :(...I was too tired last night! After work, Melanie and I stopped by Hancock Fabrics to pick out some fabric for Melanie to make a pair of pjs for Annah Brooke. Keep in mind that this is her FIRST sewing lesson, so we picked out an easy pattern so I wouldn't overload her too much!! Might I say, she was a GREAT student...Listened well, asked questions, and succeeded! She looks so interested in the sewing lesson, doesn't she!?

I am so proud of her!! She did a great job!! A lot better than I did my first time!! Here is a picture of the pjs, all sewn and wearable! LoL :) I hope she enjoyed it, because I have a HUGE list of more projects that need to be sewn!!

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