Monday, April 28, 2008

Nursery Projects

After the initial shock of baby #5 news wore off, we had to start thinking about how we were going to handle the sleeping situation in our house. Right now, Ethan has his own room, Morgan has hers, and Hannah and Bella share a room. We decided to put the 3 older girls in the larger room and change Morgan's room to Emma Kate's nursery.

Next was the furniture. We had sold Ethan's crib just months before we found out (along with all of the other baby stuff!) so we had to figure out what we wanted. I also wanted to keep the shabby chic look I have going in Morgan's room, for 1)I don't want to paint again and 2)I really love the blue color. I searched store after store, Baby's R Us, Baby Depot, JC Penny, and online and I just wasn't finding what I was looking for.

So I started searching resell shops. Then I found it! A dresser with a mirror, chest, and crib.
You wanna know what I paid for it all??
Dresser, Mirror, Chest: $90 Crib: $25
WOW! What a steal! Add the cost of paint and I got it all for 1/2 of the cost of a crib!
Ok, will show you some pictures of it right now, but you REALLY have to use your imagination! The previous owners painted the furniture black and red crackle. OH IT IS HORRIBLE!!! The crib is yellow right now, not too bad just worn. Like I said...
Imagine the possiblities...

I am going to use this as the changing station by adding a changing pad to the top



As you see, it needs paint, hardware, and lots of TLC

Here is the crib:

Very Shabby Chic. Now on to the bedding...I will keep you updated! Be sure to check out my May To Do List to the left. Lots of projects planned for Emma Kate's nursery and the older girls' room. Lets see how much I get completed in May. I am almost 20 weeks. It's all downhill from there! September 19 will be here before I know it! I can feel the clock ticking...

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