Monday, April 28, 2008

Quick Monday Deals

I ran into Target today on my lunch break looking for a few things and I came across these great deals!

Huggies Clean Team Flushable wipes: $1.99 on sale
$3.00 Off on 2 Coupon from here

$1.99 x 2 - $3.00 = $.98 or $.49 each

I printed two coupons out the other day so I don't think there is a limit on these. (let me know if that's wrong) I may try to do this again before they go off sale.

O-Cell-O Expressions Sponges: $.98 on sale and $1.14 on sale
$1.00 Off from here EXPIRES 4/30/08

$.98 + $.98 + $1.14 - $3.00 = $.10

Too bad they only had 2 of the $.98 ones left at my Target! I could have gotten three for free plus a $.03 overage! BTW, when you go to print the coupons, you can enter in the number you want to print and they will all print on 1 page.

Other deals: I found two rugs (a red one for the foyer and a pink one I am going to use in Emma Kate's room) marked down to $.98! There were alot of things marked down, but I have to tell myself not to buy it just because it's on sale!

Today's Spending: $4.02 for 2 rugs, 4 boxes of wipes, and 3 sponges

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