Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In case you were wondering...

I'm still alive!! Stressed beyond belief, but here!
Nursing school is absolutely wonderful!! Ask me the same question during finals week and I may have a different answer!! No, really, it's going so good!

I have passed two tests (an A and a B), learned to do vitals, assessments, giving a bath, changing bed linens, and have read so much! I was told not to get behind on the reading and that is so true. With 2-4 chapters each lecture, it would be so easy to get behind and they don't stop for you...they will take off and leave you behind so I have learned to be prepared!

I started clinicals today. I have been dreading the first day of clinicals because this semester we are in a nursing home. I am not the best with smells and have been warned the nursing home has a very "unusual" smell. I prayed for my sense of smell to be decreased as I walked in the door this morning.

I found my group, we had orientation, and I got my patient assignment. As I got on the elevator to go to the third floor, I started to panic. I got off the elevator and suddenly forgot everything I had learned....what do I do first, what if my patient starts yelling at me, or what if he/she doesn't want me there....I seriously stood at the door, frozen, for what seemed like eternity. I had to go in; we only had 20 minutes to get everything done. So I knocked...

And suddenly, as I walked into the room, the fear and anxiety subsided and everything came back to me! I did what I needed to do and did it well, I thought. When I left the room, I was shocked how natural it came. I was relieved it was over, yet so excited I wanted to go back!!!
The kids are doing great! Hannah turned 5 last month! Emma Kate is growing like a weed! Morgan and Bella are still enjoying school! And Ethan is still Ethan! Getting into everything and refusing to be potty-trained!

I will leave you with some pictures from the last few weeks...Pictures that I took with my new camera!!! I was so happy to finally get a new camera! Not that I have time to take a lot of pictures, but the ones I do take turn out so beautiful!!

Speaking of beautiful...isn't she just the cutest!!??

A day in the park! This is the only time Ethan will let me get pictures of him!

Bowling Fun!! The kids LOVE bowling!!

The picture on the left of Emma Kate...can you see how bad she wants to get out there and play with everyone! She will be crawling before we know it!

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