Monday, June 29, 2009

Disney Vacation 2009

I know, I know…It’s been almost a month since our vacation and I am just now getting around to posting! Hey, it’s been a busy summer! Can you believe the summer is almost half-way over!!??

Day 1: Hollywood Studios

It was Star Wars weekend and the kids Alan just had to go there first! This was our first time ever going here. The kids had fun. I think it was a little too old for them this year-aimed towards older kids.

We did make it in time for the Star Wars parade!

The girls got to meet different characters from Star Wars, too!

Alan even got to be a storm trooper!


We also saw Indiana Jones, an awesome car race, and rode a few rides….Alan and I rode the Tower of Terror! Scary! But fun!

On to the next day!

Day 2: Magic Kingdom

This is my favorite part of Disneyworld! I just love it!

We rode the ferry boat over to the castle. Ethan being silly!


And Emma being precious as usual! Do you like their bows??! It’s hard to see them, but it’s Minnie! I found them here…Adorable!


We made it to the castle


Oh, some friends of ours went along with us….he had been planning to propose to her! And he did! By the wishing well at the castle! How romantic! Atleast I thought so!


The girls on our favorite ride….the teacups!


We stood in line FOREVER to meet the princesses! Oh, what we do for our kids! Emma just was in aww over Cinderella!


Not so much with Belle!


Ok…take a look at this moment of history. ALL SEVEN of us. In picture. Together. Smiling. Can you believe it??!!


We spent the entire day there and stayed until the fireworks and parade….very long and HOT day!


Day 3: Animal Kingdom

I have to start by saying I am always disappointed with Animal Kingdom. It is entirely too hot…too small…the lines to the rides are EXTREMELY long…they close early (like 5 pm early)…and in my opinion it’s not worth the money! We had not been since 2006 so we decided to try it again this year…big mistake. We will not be returning next trip! I didn’t even get many pictures, but here’s a few!


The safari ride is the only one we ended up riding. The animals are amazing, though!

Nemo and Friends at the aquarium

Playing in the shark’s mouth!


Day 4: Epcot

This was our first year taking the kids to Epcot. It was a little too old for them, too. They didn’t quite “get” the countries!


The only country they understood was America! Go figure!


They loved the a cappella singers and just had to get their picture with them! I guess they thought they were famous!


Well, that’s it! Finally posted! One to-do I can cross off my list!

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Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

I agree with you about Animal Kingdom...definitely not worth the money!

It looks like you all had fun!