Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vacation- Week 1

We weren’t planning on going to Disneyworld this year, but we had a week to use and I changed my mind about summer school….so we said what the heck and decided to go for TWO weeks!

We packed everything up and left about 10 at night on Sunday and drove straight through to Alan’s parents’ home for a week. Why drive at night you ask?? Have you ever tried driving with five kids? It’s tough doing it around town, let alone a 12 hour drive! The kids (and I!!) slept through the night and Alan drove…in peace and quiet! We wouldn’t do it any other way!

It rained the first few days…but it finally cleared up and the kids were able to swim. Emma Kate LOVES the water!


And of course…my child that hates to have his picture taken!




After another day of rain, it finally stopped and we took a trip to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park to see the famous manatees. The kids had a blast!



  My happy baby! She knows just what to do when I put the camera in her face!



All five in the same picture!! I don’t get many of these!!


Yeah, they probably weren’t suppose to be playing in that!


The Manatees….They were HUGE!!


Ethan wasn’t quite sure about them!


She was feeding them sweet potatoes


My manatee children!

IMG_2565 IMG_2566

IMG_2567 IMG_2568

Some of the other wildlife exhibits…

IMG_2573 IMG_2575 IMG_2579 IMG_2611 IMG_2617

This little guy wasn’t part of the exhibit, but he followed us for the longest time….wanting us to feed him I guess!


Disneyworld pictures up next….Stay tuned! Have a great Saturday!!


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Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

It looks like you had so much fun. Your kiddos are adorable!