Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Las Vegas

No, I didn't decide to stay in Vegas! (I'm sure you all were thinking that huh?!) It has been a crazy month!! After my trip to Vegas, I came home for a week, finished up some sewing, and we all left for Disneyworld! For TWO weeks! Great vacation, but just a little too long to be away from reality! Now that I'm back and rested up, it's about to catch up and start posting pictures! Yes, sorting through 600+ from Vegas and 1200+ from Disney has been overwhelming, to say the least!! Trying to pick out my favorites has been hard! I'm going to be doing several posts over the next few days so I don't overwhelm all of you! So here we go!!


Vegas was fun! Would I ever go back?! Probably not! If I do, it would just be to see the different shows. I think we saw just about everything else! We went inside EVERY hotel! I was just amazed with the size of everything. I mean, when you see Vegas on t.v., the buildings don't look that big. But, let me tell you....It's not just a hop, skip, and jump from one hotel to the other. My advice for those who are going for the first time....Don't try to walk the whole strip! Especially on the first day! You will regret it because you will be aching the entire trip. You have a few options to get around the strip (we learned this after the first day!) You can take the monorail...don't waste your time. Not only do you have to find the stops to get on, the stops happen to be BEHIND the hotels and like I said above, the hotels are HUGE and trying to find the back is almost impossible! I think we walked just as much or more when we rode the monorail. The other option is a taxi...don't waste your money. I think they take the long way around just to make money!
So MY advice...ride the bus. It was about $7 for a 24-hr pass and there are stops in front of each hotel so hop on, ride to the next stop, and you're there! So easy! I wish someone would have told us this on the 1st day instead of the 3rd!

We stayed at Treasure Island which was actually really nice! In my opinion it's on the "nicer" end of the strip.


The pirate ship at our hotel. There's a show each evening...I can't tell you how it is because we waited until the last night to see it and the show was cancelled because of the wind! I heard it was good though!


Here are some of my favorite spots:

The Mirage was right next to us. In the evenings there is a volcano show that is really cool. Definitely a must see!


The Venetian Hotel was across from us. They have a gondola ride that goes through the hotel and around the outside. We didn’t do it, but it looked fun! IMG_1744

New York, New York Hotel


The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace



The Eiffel Tower at Paris Hotel



Views from atop the Eiffel Tower



Jubilee at Bally’s is one of the shows we went to see. It was awesome! A typical Las Vegas showgirl show! It did take me a minute to get over the fact that the dancers lacked tops! We didn’t know that it was “that kind of show” LOL! We also went to see the Chippendales! Another awesome show!


M&M World is another great stop! It’s free!


Another must see…The Fountains at the Bellagio!





I have to share my new favorite program! Windows Live Writer

It is so hard for me to upload photos in Blogger (another reason I had been dreading posting all of my vacation pictures), but it was so easy with Live Writer! I uploaded them all at once and created my post with ease! Highly recommended!!

UP NEXT…Disneyworld pictures! Keep checking back!


Melanieshea said...

Glad you had fun!!! Nice pictures!

Jubilee! Las Vegas Tickets said...

Hi Brandi!
Lols at your comment on Jubilee! "that kind of show" . You know what this is one of the best topless shows we have in United States and these dancers have been consistently being picked up as Best Showgirls by readers of different magazines. I attended the show just once and now wants to go back one more time.