Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Photos!

OK! After much anticipation (from those few readers out there!)...Here's how The Youngs celebrated Christmas this year!!!

I was lucky enough to have the week of Christmas off!! And I needed it! We had dinner and exchange gifts at my mom's Sunday before Christmas and Alan's parents came in that night from Florida. Monday, I did a little last minute shopping (YES, I was one of the crazy last minute shoppers!) and last minute wrapping! I think I was wrapping presents in the car on the way to my Grandmother's Christmas Eve!! It's our tradition to eat and exchange gifts with my dad's side of the family Christmas Eve. We let the kids see lights on the way home and once we got home we arrived to this...

No...Santa did not come early to The Youngs House...It's presents from Grammie and Poppy!! We let the kids open presents from them and a few from mom and dad. I always get the kids pajamas to wear Christmas Eve...not really what they want to open, but Mommy likes 'em! They all look alike and cute for Christmas morning pictures! After the kids FINALLY went to bed, Santa came!!

Out of the chaos on Christmas morning, this was the only picture I seemed to get of the kids seeing their presents for the first time. Morgan WAS not happy as you can see!! Hannah came in and wanted to get up and play then went in to wake Morgan up way before she was ready! She would have rather celebrated Christmas afternoon!! Not my morning child!! They really liked all of the presents! When Bella came home Christmas night, she had a blast as well!! Next year she will be with us for Christmas Eve! Yay!!

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