Friday, January 18, 2008

Update on Hannah

It's been a LONG week...Many of you may know our youngest daughter, Hannah, is in the hospital. I just realized last night I could bring the computer to the hospital (I have really been out there!) so I wanted to update everyone on what has been going on this week. Here is a timeline of everything:

Tuesday 1/15:
When I got home from work a little after 5, I saw the girls and went to help Alan finish dinner. About 5:30, we sat down to eat and I noticed Hannah's left cheek was big. I jokingly told her to stop holding food in her cheek like a chipmunk. She opened her mouth and was like, Mom there's nothing in there. So I started freaking out. The left side of her face was enlarged and all the lymph nodes were swollen. I immediately got her dressed and we headed to the ER. If you know where we live, you know the closest hospital to us. I would rather not mention the name because we will NEVER go back there. She had a temp of 102 when we got there. They even tried to give her two doses of Motrin because the time the first dose was given was written incorrectly in her chart. Needless to say they told us it could be one of several things: abscessed tooth, lymphadenitis, and the nurse said, "Oh, it looks like mumps". They gave us a prescription for Amoxil and said to follow up with our Pediatrician in 2 days and he could do bloodwork because they didn't feel the need to do it. I was so mad, but went home with those orders. He was a dr. right? Just to show you what we were dealing with, here is a picture of her face on Tuesday night.

Wednesday 1/16:

About 5 am I woke up to Hannah burning up with a temperature! I took her temp and it was around 103 and her face was double the size it was the night before. Our Pediatrician's office didn't open until 8 so those 3 hours were tough having to wait! He was able to see us a 8:30. Let's just say by 9:00, he had bloodwork done and was telling us we were headed to the hospital to be admitted. It was that serious! Her face had swollen so much he was worried it would start to block her airways and affect her breathing. He thought it could from her tooth but wasn't sure. We were admitted to the Children's Hospital at UMC because they have the dental clinic on the 6th floor if it was a dental issue and it could be taken care of while we were in the hospital. They started her on antibiotics and the dentist came in to see her. They came back a little later in the afternoon with like 4 doctors to look again and said it could be an abscessed tooth (her back molar) and it could be draining into the pocket under her chin. Ultimately her tooth was going to have to come out but they wanted to wait until the swelling went down a little bit. Hopefully Thursday, but no later than Friday. The entire time I just didn't think this was the problem. I have had an abscessed tooth and I remember the pain I was in. She hadn't been complaining about her tooth and she had still been eating on that side. But her tooth did look strange (it was split and looked like two separate teeth) so I just put my instincts to the side and let them make the decisions. Here is Hannah on Wednesday. You can see how much it swelled basically over night.

Thursday 1/17:

Her temp spiked at 104.4 early Thursday morning. There were no signs of the swelling decreasing so the dentist decided around 10 to take the tooth out to remove the source of infection. She went into surgery around 3 and lasted a lot longer than expected. Her tooth has some abnormalities (sorta like hooks on the roots holding it to the mouth) so they were confident it needed to be out, but they weren't sure it was the cause of the infection. An ENT would be called in to do a consult and we were going to continue antibiotics until they could determine what else might be going on.

Friday 1/18:

So today is Friday, we are still here at the hospital, waiting on the ENT to come by, waiting on another CVC (bloodwork), but the good news is the swelling has went down some. Her temp only got to 101.5 so that was good too. She slept most of the night and ate breakfast this morning. Hopefully we will know more this afternoon, but as of right now we probably won't be going home today. :(

Thanks to everyone for all of the prayers. It's difficult because no one really knows whats going on. We pray that the doctors find some answers and the swelling continues to go down as well as her temperature.

One thing I want to add...Everyone here at the Blair E. Batson Hospital has been wonderful! So helpful and understanding. They have playrooms with toys and even volunteers that come around and read stories. We are so thankful to have this hospital to come to. As you may know, it's the only hospital in Mississippi designed specifically for children. I've always heard radio-thons and different fundraisers for the hospital and never once thought we would ever be here so I didn't second guess not donating. But after this experience, we plan on changing that.

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Samantha said...

Poor thing! I hope she continues to feel better! I know that was so scary because her face did look really swollen. You guys will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully yall will get to go home soon!

Samantha (Melanie's SIL)