Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sweet Baby Boy

Little boys are amazing! I have learned since Ethan was born that boys are SO different from girls. Bumps, bruises, running, tumbling, falling down and getting right back up is the way he works. The girls fall and get hurt and its like the whole world stops! Mine are so dramatic when something like this happens; I run to get ice packs and bo-bo strips (as Hannah calls them) and Ethan, he just keeps on going! I try to console him and he fights to do it all over again! I remember one time in particular he climbed in a plastic chair and stood up and tumbled over, fell into the wall and busted his lip. I cleaned him up and let him back down. What did he do? Went right back over to the chair and did it again!! He has so much energy! Someone gave me a plaque when he was born that I have hanging in his room that reads, "Mothers of boys work from son up to son down. I couldn't put it in better words if I tried!

But after all of this, the love a little boy has for his mother is far more amazing! I walked through the door after a long day of work and he is the first to greet me...MAMA MAMA MAMA!! and he wants me to pick him up! He wraps his arms around me and its an indescribable feeling! After a hard day of playing, he gets sleepy, grabs his blankie, and says "Night Night"!! Yes, an 18 month old asking to go to bed!

Hard to believe but thats my Ethan! Once he's down I sneak in to check on him and I realize he really still is my sweet baby boy! He always will be! I know once he's grown, he will always come back back to me. Now, it may be to wash his laundry or eat some of mom's cooking, but that will be ok! We have the special bond that I know will only grow stronger as the years past. I took this picture a few nights ago when I did my nightly "peek" on him and I started to tear up! He may be rough and tough on the outside, but when it's all said and done, he is and will always be MY BABY!!

Just one more reason I thank God EVERYDAY
for what he has blessed me with!

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Melanie Smith said...

That is so sweet!!!! He is precious!!! loveya!