Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Favorites

And these are a just few of my favorite things...

*I found this new website, PICNIK for picture editing...I love Picasa, but this has so many cool things! Like the collages, so many options...Not to mention, so much fun!!

*Lavender and Vanilla Scent- Oh.My.Goodness, this is the best smell (only second to baby) Not only can you wash your clothes in it, you can clean, freshen fabric and air, AND sweep and mop the floors with it! I LOVE it! I would bathe in if I could! HeHe!
*Holiday Shopping!!! Mistletoe Marketplace is an annual shopping event that's NOT to be missed! It's rapidly approaching and will be here before I know it! So ready! And of course, Black Friday shopping as well! I'm on the look-out for a digital camera this year...hmmm...may be standing in line a Best Buy? Or Wal-Mart...I wish stores weren't so prudish about their ads and would release them early...Oh, well, guess it's just part of the tradition staying up late on Thanksgiving night mapping out our gameplan so we know exactly what we want and what time to be where!

*Grey's Anatomy!! Seriously, this is the best show ever! Did you watch the show last night? Meredith dropped the KIDNEY!! LOL! I was cracking up! Unfortunately, I have class on Thursday nights right now, so THANK GOODNESS you can catch the episodes on the website!

Happy Friday! Here's to the weekend!

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