Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mommy Duties

Ok, so it's the night before Halloween and what am I doing? Making treat bags for 20 little Kindergarteners, of course! I volunteered to be Homeroom Mom for Morgan's class and have been busy the past two weeks assigning parents to various tasks and responsibilities.

I decided to do treat bags because that would be easy, right? Well, you know me, and I don't just take the easy way out and buy the plastic treat bags and tie 'em and go on...Nope, that's not me at all. I found these cute paper bags, filled each one with candy and spiders and fun stuff like that, then in order to close 'em, I decided to punch holes and tie 'em with curly ribbon! Time-consuming to say the least!

Oh, and because I needed just ONE more thing to do...chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles! That have to be bagged and tied as well!

And it's midnight...4 bags down, 16 to go! Better get busy...Morgan's party is at 8:30 am!!! They have to be finished tonight!

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