Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm Determined... get something accomplished this weekend! I have been slacking at cleaning, both inside and outside. I did so much cleaning before Emma Kate was born that we were able to go this long without really cleaning...I did manage to still do the day to day 'picking up', but I can't stand seeing dust balls in the corners anymore! Those last few weeks of my pregnancy I did laundry, cleaned baseboards, organized closets, and it paid off! Alas, 1 month later, and hardly nothing to wear, it's time to get up and be productive! LOL, I know this probably sounds bad, but the NUMERO UNO thing in this world that I hate doing is LAUNDRY! I wish I had one of these to make it all go away!!!! It's pretty sad when you can go this long without doing laundry and still have clothes to wear...I have an obsession with clothes, for me and the kids!

So, back to what I want to get, what I WILL get done this weekend!

~WORK ON THE FLOWERBEDS (totally neglected ALL summer!)
~DECORATE FOR FALL (bought my mums, pumpkins, and scarcrow yesterday!)

I also have a few "extra projects" to work on...antique my kitchen cabinets, paint the kitchen, strip and polish the kitchen floors. We started on the cabinets last night and they look great! It's so easy too. I will post a before and after and a's so easy!

I caught Alan off guard by my "list", but he knows me and I'm sure will go along with all my changing and re-arranging!

***Forgot to post about this....NO SURGERY FOR ETHAN!!...for right now atleast! The doctor wants to watch it for another year and hopes it will close up on its own. He said there's no need to worry because the hole is so small there's no change for his intestines to come through...Whew! With Hannah's stay in the hospital earlier this year and the pregnancy, it's nice to know we won't have another one in the hospital! Thanks for everyones' thoughts and prayers!

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