Friday, November 7, 2008


Thankful for "mommy-daughter conversations" with my girls...

A.M. convo with Hannah while she was getting dressed...

Me: "Hannah, I just LOVE those leggings you pick out yesterday!"

Hannah (putting on leggings): "Me, too!

Me: "I sure wish I had a pair like that. Maybe you could let me borrow yours."

Hannah: " But I wear an extra small and you're like an extra big Mommy. These won't fit you!"

I just laughed it off! I didn't realize it, but she left the hanger they were on sitting on my bathroom counter...

P.M. convo with Morgan while we were getting ready to blow dry her hair before bedtime (she didn't hear our conversation earlier that day)...

Morgan (picking up the hanger): "Mommy, why is this hanger in here? It says extra small and you don't wear that size...You're like an extra big!"

Me: "Oh, I know, Hannah already let me know!"

Don't you just love how children just nonchalantly tell you the truth! I just wanted to say..."You know, Emma Kate is ONLY 8 weeks, I haven't lost all the baby weight just yet!!!

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