Sunday, November 2, 2008


Coupons!Before I started using coupons, we were easily spending $150 a week on groceries a week! That's a lot, even for a family of six at that time. After finding several, wonderful money saving websites, I started paying attention to sales and using coupons. I've learned to plan my menus by what's on sale and I try not to buy something unless I have a coupon. So now you're probably saying (just like I did), I don't buy the stuff from the coupons that come in the Sunday paper. Right? Well, here's a compilation of company websites with lots of coupons. They keep this list updated regularly. I've also learned you can't just go to the grocery store without planning. Sunday is my shopping day. I get the Sunday coupons, check all the sales, plan my menus for the week, and make my list of what I need. I've been price matching at Wal-Mart with sales from other stores, but I tried something different tonight. I had store coupons from Kroger and I decided to make a list for Wal-Mart and one for Kroger. I saved the most today than I have all year.

Wal-Mart: Before coupons-$52.78, After coupons: $36.93 SAVINGS: $15.85

Kroger: Before coupons: $72.21, After coupons: $41.27 SAVINGS: $30.94

Total savings of $46.79

$78.20 for the week for a family of 7!!!

Not too bad, but I'm not going to lie. It wasn't easy going to two places, but it was worth it in my book! My advice to those of you wanting to save, check out the websites below, save your coupons (don't forget to ask friends, family, and neighbors for the ones they don't use), and keep your coupons organized! I went about 4 weeks without cutting them out of the paper and filing them, and it was horrible! I spent Saturday night clipping and organizing them. What a FUN way to spend a Saturday night, huh!? I'm so cool! LOL!!

A few of my Favorite Money Saving Websites:

Have a wonderful week!!!

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