Thursday, November 6, 2008


Thankful for my sanity

As a mother of a child going through his terrible twos, I am thankful for the fact that I haven't lost all of my sanity! I have finally figured out that Ethan just loves sitting in his time-out chair all day, everyday! I get on to him, send him to time-out, wait 2 minutes, make him apologize and we hug, and I kid-you-not, no more than 5 minutes later he's right back in!

Our catastrophes this week...

1. he broke the lid to the toilet tank

2. he took his diaper off and peed on his bedroom floor

3. found him standing ON the counter in the bathroom, elbow deep in the turtle tank trying to catch the turtles, while Spongebob is swimming in the tank

4. he learned how to unlock the deadbolt and open the door (thank goodness for the alarm!)

Don't let this sweet, innocent little face fool you!

**Did you notice that bruise on his forehead??!! Jumped from the top bunk and hit his head, along with a gash in the other side of it...I about flipped my lid! LOL!! And he tried to get back up there and do it again! Boys...where do they learn it from? I am convinced it's in the genes!

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Samantha said...

I feel your pain! We are going through Terrible Twos EARLY!!!