Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just one of those days weeks

Four sick kids, two trips to the doctor, and lots and lots of medicine! That's what my week has been composed of...

It all started last Sunday with Morgan and Hannah having a little cold. I immediately started medicine...In our house, when one gets sick, we all get sick.....And this time was no different. By Monday night, Ethan and Emma Kate were stuffy and feverish, but the girls were better. After being up on and off all night, I decided to take them to our pedi to get medicine (Did you know OTC cough/cold medicine is not recommended to children under 4?? I did't)

So Ethan had an upper respiratory infection along with double ear infections. He was put on a decongestant and antibiotic. Emma Kate had a upper respiratory infection and was given a decongestant. Tuesday and Wednesday was rough. Medicine every 12 hours intermittent with Tylenol for fever. Ethan was feeling a little better by Friday, but Emma Kate's cough was getting worse and seemed like she was having difficulty breathing. I just had that "mom" feeling that she was worse and needed to go back to the pedi before the weekend. And my feeling was right. She now had a double ear infection. They also did a nasal swab and diagnosed her with RSV. Not only did she get an antibotic, but also a nebulizer for breathing treatments.

Oh, it doesn't end there...just gets better. Didn't leave the pedi's office until about 5 pm and we dropped the prescription off at CVS (2 hour wait to get it). Go back to pick it up only to find out they couldn't fill it because the pedi forgot to sign it and their office was already closed. Had to then call the after-hours clinic, wait for the nurse to call back, tell her what's going on, wait again to get on-call doc's approval. Finally, she calls it in to CVS, I go back to pick it up (keep in mind it's about 10 pm by this time) and find out that they are out of the nebulizer meds. They call around to about 4 different stores and finally found one that had it. Oh, and it was about a 25 minute drive away....I finally get home about midnight. Whewww, what a day! I give her the breathing treatment and Amoxil and we get in the bed about 1 am!

Wait....there's more!! We woke up about 7 this morning to find her with red splotches ALL over her body! She had an allergic reaction to the Amoxil. We call the pedi's office and immediately give her Benadryl. She was better about 30 minutes later.

I felt horrible! She's never had Amoxil, I should have waited a little before I put her to bed. I checked on her during the night, but didn't turn on the light. It was so late and we were tired, but I should have waited....Thankfully she didn't have the reaction I have to penicillin (swollen throat, difficulty breathing). So grateful for that!

Needless to say, we've enjoyed the low-key afternoon! Back to studying.....Finals next week and I've had to put school on the back-burner this week so I have a lot of catching up to do!!


Melanieshea said...

Goodness! Hope everyone is on the road to recovery!!!

Angela Leverette said...

Sounds like you need a day to yourself to sleep!!!
Hope everything is better... boy reading that made me tired!!! Hope to see you and family soon!

Samantha said...

I am really sorry all of your kids have been so sick! That really gets exhausting- I know!!! Hope everyone gets well soon. RSV is no laughing matter. Good luck!