Monday, December 15, 2008

Ms. Emma Kate

...she is just growing so fast...She weighed 12 lbs last week! She is finally off the breathing treatments for RSV and is doing so much better! Here are a few pictures I took of her this past week!

...In her bumbo seat...She loves this thing! I was letting her watch tv with the kids and I turn around and she is sound asleep! Precious!

...Being Stylish...Have you seen these little leg warmers for babies and kids??!! know me...el cheapo...I searched and searched for a tutorial on how to make them and I found one here! So easy to make...and a lot cheaper! Here she is modeling her Christmas pair!

...eating with a spoon...She's been going through a growth spurt the last few days. She's wanted to nurse every hour so we've been supplementing with formula a little more and now added cereal. She just loved it!


Samantha said...

she is too cute!!

Melanieshea said...

She is precious...Why all black and white photos???

Samantha said...

Can you send me the tutorial on the leg warmers?