Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me! Monday

It's that time again!!! I had so much fun last week so I'm gonna play again!!

And away we go........

I did not have another fiasco in the kitchen this week! Nope, I am the best cook and I never have any problems! Especially not while making this wonderful fudge that I've made tons of times. I did not boil it too long and it did not set up like a brick. Seriously! It did not take pounding it on the counter to break it up! Oh, and I was not making it at midnight because I did not want a snack. Of, course not. I am on a diet.....

Yeah, I did not try to start a diet right here at the holidays. What wasn't I thinking??!! My diet was to consist of yogurt, rice cakes, know, "diet" food. Please don't tell anyone, but I did not find myself eating rice cakes while I was not on the computer all day today and I did not look down and find like 6 gone from the package!!! Yeah, for some reason I really don't think I started my diet off on the right foot... I'm sure rice cakes, only in moderation, would constitute a diet!

And did I tell you how I am the best driver....I never get road rage and my children never hear me yell at other drivers....What kind of mom would do that??!! Oh, I am also great with directions! I never get lost. Not even on the way to my own house! None of this took place this week.....After picking Morgan up from school, I was not talking on the cellphone and did not forget to turn right instead of left, finding myself headed home instead of to the bank. I did not have to yell at the car behind me because he was kind enough to let me over after having my blinker on. So after getting headed in the right direction, (still not on the cellphone, of course) I finally made it to the bank.....only to not realize it was the wrong one!!!

Oh, I can't forget to tell you how nice I was to the lady in the photo department at Wal-Mart. See, I uploaded my Christmas cards to have them printed out on Tuesday, 1 hour of course, even though I knew it would it probably wouldn't be 'til the next day until I went to get them. I go Friday, knowing they definately were ready, only to find out they weren't....What didn't I do?? I very kindly thanked her and let her know how I grateful I was that I would have to make another trip to come back and pick them up....What wonderful service they have! Of course I was not rude....I mean, it is Christmas time ya know!!!

So, do you have something you need to be honest about and get off your chest....

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Happy Monday!


Melanieshea said...

Oh, you didn't tell me the Walmart story.....I gotta hear this. :)

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh the one hour photo thing drives me nuts. Walgreens did that to me once in July? Were they busy with 4th of July cards or what?